Hello, my name is Hiram L.I'm a small artist from Mexico who loves making short animations and comics that are both dumb and sexy.Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design and Animation, who also finds enjoyment in making Comics and Character Illustration.

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Why "muyhiram"?

My first name is Hiram, and MUY means "Very" in spanish, as in "that is a very Hiram thing to do", I wanted something different from other artist usernames who often add ART, TOONS, ANIMATION, COMICS, etc. next to their names.

What are your tools?

I exclusively work on an iPad Pro with its Apple Pencil (2nd generation).
For software, Clip Studio Paint EX, and I use the default pens and brushes, nothing fancy there.

How long have you been drawing?

For as long as I have memory, although I started taking art seriously in high school, and I didn't considered a career in art until a few months before going to Uni for Graphic Design and Animation.I used to be a traditional artist, I went 100% digital in 2018.

Can I draw your characters?

Yes, you can <3.

Do you take commissions?

Yes, but they aren't always open, I try to do my best to let everyone know when they are. If you are unsure, feel free to ask.

Terms of Service

*My Terms of Service are subject to change.- By agreeing to the TOS you confirm that you are at least 18 years of age.- The illustration is for personal use only. (Commercial use can be discussed.)- My services are 100% digital, no physical item will be delivered to you.- I will not emulate or replicate the style of other artists.- Please bear in mind my style and skill, I will try to draw your thing the best I can, but I cannot guaranty satisfaction.- Some detail may be lost in characters with complicated designs or fine details.- Characters with props, and extra appendages like tails and wings may cost extra.- I decide whether the finished product is posted on my social media or not. (Exclusivity can be discussed.)- I don’t do WIPs, revisions, or changes. Corrections can be made, given it was me who made a mistake, and not you wanting something different after the fact, be clear with your request.

Things I don't draw:

- Mechs, Armor Suits, Formless Monsters, Body Horror- Anything Illegal, Hateful, or Against the Platform TOS, Fetishes, Gore- Bodies of absurd proportions- Porn (non-sexual nudity is OKAY)*I won't design your character or draw only from description. I also don't work with Photo References (IRL people).


- PayPal payments only, in full, and upfront.- Listed Prices are final and are not to be negotiated.- I don’t offer refunds, changes, or cancellations.

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